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Newest How To Pick the Right Accountant Article. How To Pick the Right Accountant for Your Small Business
Picking the right accountant for your small business is similar to choosing the right doctor for your health care. You want someone who is skilled and qualified. When you choose a CPA, you...
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10 Ways to Cut Your Property Taxes

Property taxes are decided collectively by school boards, town boards, legislators, and councils. The tax rate is set by collating the amount of funds an area needs. This is then divided that by the "total taxable&quo...

By: Paul Wilson

Practical Tax Advice for the Self-Employed

Tax time is a very confusing time of year but if you are self-employed, a difficult situation becomes even more challenging. There’s no way around it that if you are self-employed, you must declare your income and yo...

By: J.Morgan

Free Tax Advice Resources on the Web

Thanks to the Internet, you have a whole variety of free tax advice resources at your disposal. Following are a few user-friendly sites, all of which offer information for both your personal and business tax questions alik...

By: J.Morgan

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