Citizens Of The United States Able To Vote On Taxes

Citizens Of The United States Able To Vote On Taxes – Taxes are a vital part of running a country, and a country can not run if taxes are no paid by the public. There are some exceptions for countries such as the United Arab emirates because UAE is rich.Citizens Of The United States Able To Vote On TaxesTaxes are a vital part of running a country, and a country can not run if taxes are no paid by the public. There are some exceptions for countries such as the United Arab emirates because UAE is rich.

Should voting depend on the amount of taxes paid?

No, I believe that voting should not depend on the amount of taxes paid to the government, and there are several reasons, but there are some positive reasons. The grounds have been written below:

Economic disparity:

There is great confusion amongst the masses if the voting should depend on the amount of taxes paid. Most experts say that this should never be allowed, especially in a country such as America’s united states. What do you think makes the united states of America different from other countries? The unites states of America consists of people from all backgrounds and ethnicity. You may have Asians, Indians, Hispanics, blacks, and other racial humans from all over the world.

Additionally, the united states of America are the most culturally diverse country in the world. There are people from all backgrounds. Moreover, we can say that not all people in the united states of America are rich. Some might be rich, whereas some people are poor.

For instance, if the voting depends on only rich people, there would be a lot of chaos in America’s united states. If we allowed voting to rely on the rich, they would not care about the poor people’s rights. The rich people are mainly industrialists, so they will vote for the people that can help them in their careers. Moreover, the rich do not have sympathy for the poor, resulting in more drastic situations. The poor will have no rights, and they will have no option but to carry out nationwide protests. Furthermore, the poor will have dire economic conditions.

The result will be that the rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer. If a country does not have equal wealth, it will slow progress and cause economic problems. By giving the wealthy the right to a significant vote, the poor will be overshadowed, and hence there will be an economic disparity.

Unjust behavior with the poor:       

The poor people will give lesser taxes than the rich. If the poor gives lesser taxes, their vote will have more secondary importance, and their judgments will be overshadowed by the poor. The conditions will get worse for them. Now, most will be confused about the economic situation. So allow me to explain everything so that you have a better idea of the whole concept.

The first that will happen is that the quality of the poor will drastically decrease. You will see the rich in brand new Mercedes whereas the poor will have no cars at all. Why do you think this will happen? When the rich have higher authority for voting, they will elect the people who can provide them with personal benefits. I will explain using an example so that you have a better understanding of the whole concept.

For instance, if a wealthy person in business has some legal issues with his company or wants to clear out some land to build an office for his business, he will require government support. It would be done by a representative of the government even if it is illegal. As a result, these businessmen would try to elect lawmakers’ choices to help flourish the businesses. If a poor person owned the area, he could have done nothing about it because they do not have equal power.

Furthermore, the poor people would be forced to live in areas where the facilities are lower. The rich will live in areas where the facilities will be higher. There is one reason behind it. The rich people will complain that since they are paying more in taxes, they deserve to live in a lush environment where the government should provide them all types of facilities.

Allow me to present you with an idea of how the situations may vary. Imagine yourself as a poor person. You will be living in an area where the gutter system is not working correctly. Furthermore, there won’t is any parks or proper roads. The health services would be terrible, and the hospital will not have the facilities to provide them with eh necessities. People may also face hunger. All of these are due to failed policies of the government of the united states of America. In addition to this, you might also have a terrible security position. Due to poverty, there would be an environmental crisis where every person would steal things to survive.

Now imagine yourself as a higher taxpayer. You will have all the greenery in your area and will also have a good security situation. Moreover, the rich will have security access personally at every single home. You will be driving the brand new car because of your successful business. Moreover, their business will be successful because of your rich friends in the government. All of these things would be unjust for the poor, and hence they will feel left out and eventually cause problems for the government of the united states of America.

Authority will be in the hands of literate people:

Although most people might disagree with this statement, it is true. Most of the country’s affairs will be in the hands of the rich people, which might be good for the country. Most might be confused by this statement, so allow me to explain so that you may understand the whole concept. If a person is rich, he becomes rich in two ways. One of the ways is that he inherited all the wealth from his father. Suppose a person’s father is a wealthy business tycoon and he dies suddenly.

The law of the united states of America states that who should hand over the property and the business to its children. Most of the time, rich people do not want their children to go to other fields.

As a result, they give them the best and most expensive education possible. It makes it more knowledgeable than the poor because people do not have as much access to education. As a result, the company would run efficiently without facing any losses. Losses may be facing due to the inexperience of the child, but he will recover anytime soon.

The other mothed to getting rich is not related to entering the property from your parents. A person might get rich even if his father does not help him. If a person works day and night to achieve his goals, he will become successful in very little time. Once he becomes successful, he will have a lot of money. Ultimately, he will have to pay a lot in taxes.

Now analyze the station of both types of people. Each of these people benefits from their past in some ways. The person who was handed over the business from his father will have both the wealth and the education. The second person will have the wealth as well as the experience to reach the top.

Here the country and the poor people will benefit if the government decided to support voting following the amount of taxes paid per year.

These people pay a lot of taxes per year, so they have the right to vote and choose the people to run the country. If these people are on the same page and want to see the united states of America successful, they will use all their power to elect the people who can benefit the country. This way, both the people and the government will help. However, this happens in very few cases because the more prosperous the people, the more will they want to accumulate personal wealth.

Furthermore, the rich will also have the power to change the laws of the country. They might introduce a law that will allow the commoner to concepts for elections without facing any legal trouble; they may elect themselves as head of the state and run the country. This point has advantages as well as disadvantages.

I will explain using examples so that you can understand the whole concept. If the person is highly experienced, he might help run the country smoothly and give great success to America’s united states. However, there is also some disadvantage to this. It is not a company that a person who runs his company successfully can run a company successfully. There is a lot of difference between running a country and running a company. The country involves handling a lot of people and other staff members.

As a result, we can say that there is always a good side and a wrong side to everything.  The rich might benefit the country, and it may also cause the nation to face a diverse economic situation.

Furthermore, we can argue that the governance and authority will be in the rich people’s hands. Rick people are more educated and experience in financial matters.

It is because they have been dealing with money for a very long time. As a result, people know about all the wrong places to invest and all the good places to invest. Investment for a country is highly beneficial. Moreover, these rich have experience in making investments too. Allow me to explain this tuning and example to have a better idea of the whole concept. Every country takes out a yearly budget. Each budget includes a small portion of the money that is saved for investment purposes. If a person is experienced, he will know where to invest the money to benefit the country.

But what do you think will happen if the poor start to deal with all the investment. If the poor person does not have experience, he will most probably cause corruption and eat all the money. If that does not happen, he will invest it in an area and cause many financial issues for the country. Now, most people might give backlash to this statement, but allow me to clear out everything.

It will be one of the significant disadvantages faced by the united states of America. Let me explain. It is not necessary that a person is poor and he is also experienced. There are many people in the united states of America that have a lot of experience, but due to some reasons, they are not one of the high taxpayers. As a result, they won’t have the right to take part in the country’s administration. It is the loss of the country because one person’s experience can change the country’s fate.

Higher tax collections:

Most might be confused about this topic, so allow me to explain adequately. The government of the united states of America will have a lot of success. Suppose the government of the united states of America decides to make voting dependant on the amount of taxes paid. In that case, the tax collected by the government of the united states of America will increase.

I will explain the circle of this world and how the people function according to it. The first goal of people is to get very rich. They work day and night to get more affluent and more prosperous. Once they get rich, their first primary goal is achieved. The next gild or their next step is to gain power. They will do anything in their will to gain control.

There is a living example for this, and I will explain the concept according to that. If you want to context for senate elections in America’s united states, you will have to gather one hundred million dollars. Who can give this money from the pocket, or the state’s people might help their representative collect this money.  Most sites provide the money from their pocket. Now take the lesson from this that people are ready to give millions of dollars to gain power.

The same is when the government of the united states of America makes the voting dependant on the amount of taxes paid. The people who are wealthy or have many companies will contribute more and more to tax to take part in the country’s administration. Moreover, their world is another benefit to the country; most affluent people in the country hide their assets so that the government can not take taxes from them.

Furthermore, these people also hide their income to prevent higher tax payments. These people would prevent them from hiding their income or properties and contribute a lot to tax payments. If the government is just, it will help in improving the conditions of the poor people too. Thus it will give two benefits to the people. The first benefit is that America’s united states will flourish, and industries will start to boom.

The government will have a lot of money to help fic the country. Repairing processed may start, and the dull and gloomy parks will glow and become green again. Moreover, the poor’s conditions will increase, and hence the government will gain back the trust. Furthermore, who will use the tax money in buying weapons, and thus the security position will increase both inside and outside the country.


From the above, we can conclude that there are both advantages and disadvantages of the government of the united states of America decides to make voting dependant on the amount of taxes paid. However, most experts do not consider it a great idea because some nations have practiced it in the past, and the results were devastating. Those countries are still facing economic failures. For a country such as the united states of America, it is tough to adopt such methods because it is very high. Moreover, if the economic situation worsens by taking this step, America’s united states have to take more loans. As a result, the debt will add up in the already payable 3 trillion dollars debt.

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