Services Paid For By Taxes

Services Paid For By Taxes – Taxes can help in the development of the country and can help in maintaining the state. Moreover, most governments do not have businesses, so they run their administration using the money of the people. Have you ever thought about the services fulfilled using taxes?

Examples of services provided to the public by using tax money:

Staff to take care of the tax money:

The tax money is collected, and it must be taken care of because some people can rob the money all over again. As a result, the government has to hire trusts worthy staff to look after the tax money that has been collected by the government. The staff has multiple duties. Their first duty is that they provide security to the money so that no one can take it illegally.

It would be unfair if one person gave higher taxes and the other person gave lower taxes, and it can also cause trouble for the government. As a result, the staff that takes care of the money is given additional responsibility. The staff has to see how much the person has paid. If the person paid less, he would be fined, or the government will take legal action against them.

Moreover, the staff also must see how much a person will have to pay according to his taxes. The government of the United States of America does not tell the taxpayer their due amount in taxes. They have to calculate it themselves, and the staff member will check if the value is correct or not.

These staff members do not work for free, and they will have to be paid. The government pays these staff workers from the tax money. They are working for the government, so they are given extra benefits, and these benefits are also paid for by the government from the tax money.

Funds for parks, roads, maintenance, and beautification of the city:

A country has many requirements that a government must fulfill, and one of those requirements is the presentation of the country. Some must argue that the presentation of the city is not necessary, and the money can be used for other purposes. But it should clear out that beautification do not require too much money and can be done by changing the slightest things. Moreover, it gives a positive image of our country when foreigners visit it. You can beautify a city by planting trees and flowers. Staff members can be hired to take care of those plants and water them.

Moreover, the country requires roads for cars and trucks so that they can transport people and goods. The population of the world is increasing by the passing, and thus more and more people are purchasing cars for transport. The more cars, the more roads will be required. If more roads are not built, there would be traffic jams everywhere, and this could waste a lot of time and lead to slower economic growth.

There are many areas in the United States of America

Construction for roads is necessary, but maintenance is also necessary, and staff member must be hired to maintain the roads. There are many areas in the United States of America that cannot be reached if there were no bridges, so the government has to pay importance to these construction projects so that the public can travel with ease. Other facilities include traffic lights, streetlights, sidewalks, and parks.

When the government builds roads and other things, they also must hire a staff to care for them. If roads are not looked after, the city would look dirty and it would affect the cleanliness of the country. Singapore is the cleanest urban country in the whole world because it dedicates a lot of money towards the maintenance and cleanliness of the city. All these services are paid by the public through taxes. Each state has its own rules of tax collections, and so the people pay taxes and are provided with all these facilities.

Law enforcement agencies:

The most vital element a country need is internal security. There is a crime all over the world due to some group of people. To curb the effect of those people, the government needs law enforcement agencies. LAPD is a law enforcement agency. The police are also a law enforcement agency.

Police help maintains peace throughout the country and prevents any unfortunate events from happening. The police department also helps the people in finding the loved ones they lose. The people do not have to pay for the services of the police directly. They pay taxes, and the tax money is used to maintain the police department.

The police department has a lot of necessity snap they include cars and guns. Moreover, they also require money for their safety gear, and money is also required to maintain the vehicles of the police. Fuel for cars and series for the police officers is also a must. As a result, the people pay their taxes and avail of police security.

Public transportation:

Every person in the country must have a car; as a result, the government must provide some transportation for the public. Most people e does have cars, but what about others who do not own any cars. Will they have to walk all the time?

That is not possible and so the government decided to provide transportation for the people who don’t own cars. There is also another benefit to public transportation. The benefit is that people will prefer it over cars and the government can earn more money. Moreover, when more people use public transportation, it will reduce pollution because there will be lesser cars on the roads.

Public transportation needs funding to construct it. When the transportation facility is made, it will also require staff to maintain it. Moreover, fuel will also be required to run public transport. The united states of America provide transport such as trains and bus. They were established using the tax money collected from the people. As a result, the government has to collect funds through taxes and maintain public transportation.

Emergency services:

An emergency includes two sectors. The first sector is health emergency, and the other is natural disaster emergency.

Any country can face emergencies and they need funding to curb the effects of the damage caused by these emergencies. Health emergencies are common. If a person is dying and has no money, the government temporarily pays the hospital to carry on his treatment. Later, when he survives, he will pay the money. The temporary cash given to the hospitals is the money paid by the local public. The country also has government hospitals that provide free-of-cost healthcare services to the people who cannot afford them. If a person has some medical condition, and he has no money to pay for the medical treatment, the government will cover all his medical costs.

Moreover, countries such as the United States of America are always at a threat of national calamities. When such calamities occur, they destroy infrastructures such as roads and government buildings. Moreover, the government also has to pay out some incentives to the poor when they lose their lives. Any destruction caused by the calamities to their home is also covered by the government. Finally, the government also must pay funds to fix the damage caused to roads and buildings.

All these services require money, and they are provided to the public when they pay their tax money.


Security of the country:

Apart from internal security, a country also needs to secure its land and people on international borders. I will explain using an example. If the United States of America did not have an army, it would be easy for all the opposing countries to enter the territory of the United States of America and take control over our lands and resources.

A country needs security, and it cannot leave its borders empty. The united states of America have deployed thousands of soldiers on the borders. These soldiers are responsible for taking care of the land on the outskirts of the country and prevent any possible invasions from other countries. Moreover, they also maintain security by preventing any terrorist groups from entering the country.

These soldiers can no fight with their hands, so the government has to supply them with guns and weapons to help them in fighting the criminals. Moreover, soldiers work in extreme climates such as the mort and they are given expensive suits to help them in surviving the harsh winters in the north. Border fights are intense, and so the soldier is given high-tech vehicles that have the capability of taking bullets and bombs. Some of these vehicles include tanks and artillery trucks.

The united states of America have airspace to protect

Borders are not only covered by group forces because the united states of America have airspace to protect. They also have borders on the sea, and as a result, they need to protect that too. For protecting the airspace, the government must provide their pilots with high-tech fighter planes to compete with other countries. Moreover, the navy personnel are provided with submarines and ships to protect the seas of the united states of America.

With all these facilities, the government also must provide fuel to the army, navy, and air force. Moreover, the soldiers will not work for free, and the government must pay their salaries. As a result, taxes are collected from the public, and these facilities are provided to protect them. Some may argue that countries take loans to support their military, they are right, but these loans must be given back too. Moreover, the government cannot put itself in debt by paying for small services such as fuel, and as a result, they use the tax money.

Food subsidies:

The government is said to be the caretaker of the people. The public has the right to select any type of government, and they will select a government that will help the poor and provides them with the best of facilities.

One such facility is called the food subsidy. I will explain this using an example so that you can understand it fully. The united states of America have a population, and not all people need to be rich or have enough wealth to buy food for them. Most of the people in the United States of America are below the poverty line, and it means that they do not have enough money to buy themselves the necessities.

If the poor cannot provide food to the poor, most of the people will die of hunger. As a result, the governments set up camps or organizations that help the poor by providing them necessities such as food and clothes. These camps have staff workers and cooks that cook the food and supply it to the poor. Moreover, funds are required to buy tons of groceries daily.

The government has to take taxes from the rich

Sometimes the country faces a shortage of food, and so ultimately food prices go up. When this happens, it becomes difficult for the middle class and the poor to fulfill their food demands as the food items become expensive. Taxes collected by the government are sent to the state treasury, so when such unpotable events come across, the government gives the public subsidies to help them in buying the food items.

All of these funds cannot be fulfilled by the government as they do not have personal businesses. So, the government has to take taxes from the rich and provide the poor, and middle class with necessities when difficult times come on them.


Each country needs to have enough reserves to provide the public with loans. The public doesn’t always need to have funds for their problems. Most of the time people face financial troubles due to which they are not able to take up necessities. The one necessity that is extremely important is healthcare. I’ll explain this using an example. For instance, a person is suffering from financial trouble, and he got into an accident. Surgery is required to take him back to normal, but he does not have the means to pay for it. So where will he go to? Yes, he will approach the government.

The government provides healthcare loans to the people to support them in their difficult times, and later, these people can pay back the loans with some interest. In this way, both parties’ benefit. Moreover, if a person has taken healthcare facilities at a hospital, he has no means to pay for it now, and in the future, the hospital will give him free of cost treatment. The government pays for this treatment.

Education can be expensive and most of the students may not be able to study if they cannot afford the fee. As a result, the government provides student loans to the deserving so that they can continue with their studies.

The government must take taxes from the people to fill up their reserves and pay the people when difficult times come. As a result, loans are another service provider to the people in return for loans.

Government expenses:

Moving on, the government also has personal expenses. They must run a whole country and so they have to equip themselves with the building and offices to run the country. The government consists of many people who work collectively to carry out multiple administrative tasks. These people will have to paid salaries for their services. Moreover, these people are also provided extra benefits such as fuel and cars to help them in their daily activities.

When these officials retire, the government also has to pay them pensions for providing their services to the country. Moreover, the government is responsible for covering their health care benefits too. Security expenses may also be involved. For example, the president of the united states of America needs to have a lot of security and that security comes with prices as it contains multiple security vehicles and bulletproof casing to protect the president at all times.

The people have to pay their taxes on time so that they can live in a country with proper administration. If there will be no proper administration, the people would be unguided and will have slower economic growth.

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