PAN cards are specific and used for collecting/ soring all the basic information about a person like his/ her email address, house number, personal data, name, and designation. This information helps in the identification of a person. These details are stored by an electronic system as a type of PAN number.  This is the unique identifier for collecting information and is used throughout the state. As a result, no two individuals have the same PAN. PAN cards are issued to persons having a valid tax-paying system. These cards need information like authority name, license, and other basic details of a person. Some documents are necessary while going to apply for PAN cards including proof of address and proof of personal identity. PAN cards are issued in different regions across the world.

How to enroll yourself for PAN:

There are some ways through which we can enroll ourselves for PAN registration and these are the following steps:

  • Check the details of PAN cards and visit their official website in their respective states.
  • Fill out the complete registration form with your details.
  • Send all the desired documents to the PAN registration site/ on their address.
  • Must submit the registration fee mentioned on the official site for the process.
  • By following all of the above-mentioned steps you can get a PAN card within 15 working days if you fulfill all the required documents on the website.

General registration for PAN:

Those frequently believe that a personal registration (PAN) is still for the people of specific age limit like for people having age group above than 18 years. While the department of income tax registration has not specified the special age group for the registration of PAN cards and this facility is available to all the age groups normally in most of the states of the world. You do not need to worry about the registration of your PAN card instead, just follow the legal process for its registration and also provide all the necessary documents for registration. In some cases when you have a firm faith that your child has no requirement for a PAN card then you have to tell a reasonable answer why he/she does not need a PAN card and how they do not have any further requirement for PAN registration.

Documents required for the registration of PAN cards:

Rules for the registration of PAN cards are simple and these are not too much difficult. Department of income tax registration ruled over the registration process of PAN and tells that guardians have a right to register PAN cards easily. For the registration process, some credentials are needed on your behalf. Documents of your guardian/ parents are needed if they are going to apply for a PAN card for you and proof of address and your identity is required for that cause. In some cases date of birth, place of birth, and other essential documents are required. There are some apps related to PAN cards you can put all the needed documents on these apps for the registration process. This s a very simple and short way for applying. Furthermore, proof of identity, address proof, and age details are required for PAN registrations.

Requirements of PAN card for a child:

There are some requirements for PAN registration for the child. You must know these requirements for child registration. These are the following type of requirements.

  • You prefer your son to be the beneficiary of your possessions.
  • You put money into your child.
  • You wish to create a payment method for your children.
  • Your youngster is making money. Typically, a perpetrator’s wage is combined with that of their guardians. Therefore, it is chargeable if and only if the following conditions are met:
  • If the minor condition is not normal physically and found any kind of abnormality.
  • He has his money trail.
  • If an income source for a minor is dependent on his work abilities.

PAN card limitations and requirements for a student of age 15 years:

Students can access a PAN card that is valid for 15 years. Furthermore, because the juvenile is evidence of identity and residence in both grandparents, it must be provided along with the registration details at the time of applying for PAN. There is a need for signature and paperwork for that guardian who submits an application online and processes to initiate PAN registration. A sign or stamp provided by parents or guardians is mentioned on the PAN card after receiving the card. Other documents are a certificate of birth, birthplace, and a recent passport-size photo of a student.

Benefits of minor PAN cards and their procedure:

People living in India are using PAN cards more and they have a firm faith that this card must be issued to someone at the age of 18 years. These must be the criteria for applying for a PAN card. But there is a good chance for some minors as they can easily get a PAN card without facing many difficulties, so income tax regulatory authority permits them for applying on PAN. They have to input their details for the application and registration process and then after 15 working days can get a PAN card. There is also some fee for the registration of a PAN card and a person is required to submit these dues online or offline per state rules for registration. Many other benefits are on the behalf of having a PAN card for minors after the successful and immediate process of PAN. You can enjoy more benefits from these cards.


Your PAN card is more important for you and your investment. This card must be given to one of a close friend of yours for making an instrument process. You must supply this minor card for financial assistance. Furthermore, if you seek to decide on the use of a PAN card then your investment will be secured and you can use this card. For ease, you must utilize your PAN card. These are necessary and more important for minors and their guardians. PAN card is needed for a financial assessment to make the financial deals. For proper investment of a candidate, he/ she must hold a PAN card. We can not neglect the benefits of PAN cards.

Tax on minor earnings:

There is a common perception about small age child that they are unable to earn money. But according to many professionals, this perception is wrong and government also think that child can not earn money as the money comes from their name is the property of their parents. Guardian/ parents are the main source of receiving money for their child according to the government. This money is also applicable for paying taxes and there is no relaxation for tax on minor children. If they are beneficiaries of PAN cards and having investments then they have to pay the taxes as per rules. The amount of tax will be decided by administration authorities after full details of the child’s card and after knowing about their balance.

In numerous cases, the parent’s marriage can not be processed as prolonged and the child gets affected by them so the administration of PAN decided that the amount will be automatically delivered to their child if they have any child. The tax amount will be fixed according to the money details per year. There are the same rules for child PAN card and paying of taxes as the parents.

Income tax detail and its implementation are appreciated in many parts of the world as it is a supporting program for the lower class people.

Income tax which is on hands of a minor child:

On average, a juvenile toddler’s money enters the organization together with all the money of a parental with a substantial taxable expenditure, so the next taxes are paid on the hand of juveniles who are not members.

  • Revenue of a juvenile kid afflicted from a psychological problem, and including crippled who is blind, is labeled as Chapter 80U.
  • Adolescent toddler’s physical labor generates or causes money.
  • These revenues accruing or accruing from activities that involve the application of those skills, talents, or professional knowledge and experience to minors.

Procedure for registration of PAN minor card:

Applying procedure for PAN and the registration process for minor child cards is too simple. You do not need to worry about your PAN registration rather you have to complete all the details on PAN registration form 49A. These cards are submitted online and the registration fee for their registration is different in different states according to the administration department. You can pay the fee by using a digital debit/ visa card app and also transfer money online in other ways. You can also deposit the fee in an account given on a website while the registration process.

Some documents are necessary for PAN card registration in which you have to provide evidence of identification, evidence of residency, and evidence of birth certificate when submitting an online application form.  The child’s birth certificate will indeed be sufficient confirmation of the place of birth/ date of birth mentioned there.

Verification and evidence including both grandparents’ residences will be needed for youngsters. The person who supplied the paperwork also should approve the registration. The statement of the parents will be recorded on the PAN card at the time of registration for PAN. These are very basic documents and you all have access to these documents.

There is still a need for two additional minors’ pictures which are necessary for documentations. Youngsters’ images, will be displayed on PAN after receiving the card and characteristics will also be mentioned with these photos. This is a specific term known as minor that will be marked on the PAN card for the proper identification process. All the details and documentation proof will directly be delivered to the administration department for further process. They keep every person’s record for the future. Administration company having all the data regarding your information in the form of documents. PAN cards must be helpful for the identification of a person.

Many people are applying on PAN cards and putting their information on these online submission processes for further procedure. These all information are noted by PAN regulatory authorities and they must keep to safe this information for doing their final process in terms of issuing the cards. All the data is collected from these regulatory authorities and they save this data from all the states of a country. Legal authorities review this information and after keen analysis, they verify the information provided by their clients and send them cards. If you have any query regarding your information on the card then you must contact the card-issuing agencies for the correction of your data on PAN. You must submit a request to change the information on these cards or do minor changes and apply again then after some working days you will be notified of the action.

PAN card and minor person:

Minors are those who have an age limit less than 18 and most people think that these children need a permanent account and their age limit is adequate for applying onto PAN cards. PAN card having all the basic information on it after issuing. Parents’ perception is different as they think that only 18 years of minor are eligible for applying for PAN cards and the rest of the child are not eligible. But the registration process and age limit will be defined by administration authorities, not by any of the parents. On the behalf of their child parents can apply for PAN registration cards in most cases these situations remain the same.  It might be deceptive to believe a child is not required well before children start immigrating.

Why there is a need for a PAN card for a child?

A PAN card is required to nominate a kid as an applicant for an investment portfolio. Request a copy of your toddler’s PAN card if you intend to invest in his or her identity. A perpetual payment term is not usually necessary, but it is helpful when opening a savings account in your surname.

What is the mechanism for updating an offender’s PAN card when he or she becomes a focus?

When a youngster reaches the age of majority, he must decide whether or not to upgrade his PAN card. Since there’s no photograph on an offender’s PAN card, it could be seen as an Identity card. You have to follow the guidelines from the identification department for the process of PAN cards and submit the registration form as mentioned on the website of PAN. We have discussed all the necessary information regarding PAN card issuance, its legalized all information details, address, and proof of home and identity. You must follow this information and fill the form with keen interest as there will be no chance of a mistake because these mistakes take a lot of time for correction after receiving these cards. The process is simple and easier you have to pay the application fee and review the application then send it to the regulatory authorities for issuance of a card for your minor.

Is it possible for a year to register for a PAN card?

Anybody can qualify for a PAN Card at minor ages and there are no difficulties in this process for PAN card issuing. You may request the PAN card at the age of 17 and submit all the desired documents for this process. But there are some restrictions for minor age fellows as regard to the issuance of PAN cards as they can get their cards according to the guidelines of their parents. For minors, their parents are their representatives and on their behalf, they can apply for PAN cards easily by just following the process guidelines.

Is a PAN card required for a financial institution?

PAN cards are necessary for the majority of payment information. The I-T administration has enforced linking your financial institution to your PAN essential. The significant cause for this is because your financial records will be sent immediately into your financial institution/ bank account if you have an account.


PAN cards are mandatory for financial transactions and other legal works. There are no limitations for the issuance of PAN cards and mostly all-ages people can apply for PAN cards. The minors are those persons who are under the age of 18 and they can also be applicable for PAN cards just on the behalf of their parent details. You can register yourself on a website by filling out an application form online and after reviewing the application can send this information to the regulatory agency. Anybody can qualify for a PAN Card at minor ages and there are no difficulties in this process for PAN card issuing. You may request the PAN card at the age of 17 and submit all the desired documents for this process. But there are some restrictions for minor age fellows as regard to the issuance of PAN cards. Furthermore, these PAN cards are needed for financial assistance and they can help you a lot.


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