User identity is a form of information in which basic personal details of any user are mentioned on an identity card. These cards are issued by any legalized firm or any government agency for the authentication of an individual. All the necessary information is stored in a computer or electronic device. These are denoted by some serial numbers which can help a lot for understanding accurate information about a user. You have to provide the right details about yourself and then send them to the government agency or any firm issuing identity card then the card is delivered to you after verification of information provided by you. Like other identity cards, i.e PAN and government identity card user cards are issued and delivered to the respective person.

What to do in case when you forget to input your id on income tax details?

There will be more difficulties and confusion if you forget to put any of your identity information on your identity card. But still, we recommend you not worry much more about this mistake and forget about the corporate tax e-filing platform’s username And password. You should not have to be concerned in this scenario as its PAN is essentially one’s user ID if you have forgotten the email address associated with your taxable registration, you can retrieve it by entering it into your bank statement on the corporate tax e-Filing portal. All the processes will be online and you required to search for information online by concerning from different websites. You have to collect information through online portals related to your issue and then submit a request for fixing your problem.

You have to follow some important steps for the procedure of your work and these steps are given below in a list:

  • Search the page-top menu and go for the option of profile setting.
  • Go to the email address where you have previously mentioned it and set if anything is wrongly placed there.
  • For PAN identification you just have all information about your PAN and then use your details for its correction.
  • You can save time by checking in with a valid Gmail account with your username and password and then uploading Form 16, and also before your information after this. Then ITR processing is rapid, simple, and precise.

Some other ways to fix this problem:

There are different other means by which you can adjust your income tax details and make the corrections easily by doing such a task. The PAN serves as your identity and useful for information-based access.   Furthermore, unless you have misplaced your account, the Taxation webpage has an option like the “Forgot your passcode?” option directly beneath the Login Credentials and Authentication page. When pressing this specific option and agree on it then it will be requested to create your PAN and place of birth. After then, you have three methods/alternatives for changing your passcode. Choose “Complete the hidden inquiry.”  After doing this you will be able to make some changes to your account. You can adjust a passcode according to your own will this might help you to fix this problem and move forward for another one.

Perhaps, you already learn this, or at a very minimum recall the reply once you see the subject. The results vary depending on the scenario. Even if you’ve never made an account immediately, you can get a response from the people who committed.  You can use your user id like PAN and security code to log into your account to a certain response without the use of OTP.

Four different approaches to reset your income tax e filling password:

Typically customers will ignore their passcode for income tax form and do not remember their username and password while a major cause is that they use to open their account once a year.  You are unable to activate your taxation e-filing registration profile without having a corrected username and passcode on your profile portal. If you do not have the right passcode then this file will be directed towards you. So you must know your corrected password and all personal details for managing your accounts.

People frequently disregard the inheritance tax form passcode and forget their id and other credentials but there is the main reason for forgetting this basic information as they use to open their account only once a year. You are required to open your account more times per year.  You might be unable to register your chargeable document management enrollment page in the Profiling Portal unless you change your login and password. This information will be given if you may not have the secret key.

Some majors steps are used for resetting your password and management of your account in different ways:

1. Using answer secret question:

  • Firstly you have to go on the official website for income tax and then search the button forgot password option and then press the reset tab button.
  • There will be another tab named as continue tab and if you are a taxpayer then you have to click on PAN id card no details.
  • Then move forward to the select option for the secret questions tab.
  • You have to see the latest calendar and follow it by putting your name and date of birth as per your documents.
  • Also, select one of the mandatory options available therefrom downward.
  • Submit all the necessary information on this web page and then click on submit button. After applying will be processed.

2. Using Aadhaar OTP option:

  • The same is the option in this step like the previous one you have to visit a website named and search the option for forgetting the password. After finding that you have to reset this option.
  • The second step is to enter all the information regarding your tax like name, address, and proof of identity.
  • Press the continue tab on the first page and then choose the Aadhaar app option on a given page for proceeding.
  • The user will be routed to a website whereby he or she must authenticate his or her Aadhar card number. Then, select ‘Generate Aadhaar OTP’ for the processing.
  • The Aadhaar OTP will be delivered to the contact information associated well with the Aadhaar number.
  • The Aadhaar OTP will be delivered to the contact information associated well with the Aadhaar Registration process.
  • After the successful submission of the whole procedure, the taxpayer must input the ‘username and password,’ post to affirm, and choose the submission option.
  • When the credential changing procedure is completed, the device displays a successful password change notification. You can now open your account by putting new password and username as provided previously.

3. Uploading a digital signature certificate:

  • The first step of this section is also the same as the previous two ones and you have to search the option for forget password and then click on that.
  • Second thing is to put the continue tab and put all the information like PAN number and other important details on the web page.
  • Then go for the upload of digital signature option and then click on that button for getting further details mentioned on the page.
  • You have to enter the DSC option on the following page successfully
  • Then upload the validation tab and then proceed with the next process on the same web page. These documents are necessary for you if you are a taxpayer and definitely, you have to put this information accurately.
  • When the procedure is finished properly, the customer will be requested to create the ‘security code.’ The customer will input a new security code, authenticate it, and instead click the submission button. While this is a very simple process and once it has been updated then your new information will be provided on that taxpayer page along with a new username and a password.

4. Using OTP or PIN codes:

These are the last steps of our credentials and you have to go for this option at the last of your work.

  • The first step is the same as the previous 3 steps and you have to go for forget option for this and for making a new password accordingly.
  • Another step is to enter id information and PAN numbers etc
  • Use the PINs and available options on the screen of your web page and then go to the continue option for more proceedings.
  • You have to register yourself by putting the right information on the same page.
  • Enter the details like the OTP number which would be sent to your cell phone number and do not share this specific code with any other person.
  • When you will do all the procedures and finished satisfactorily, the client must provide the ‘verification code,’ re-enter to authenticate, and choose on the submit box.
  • When the password changing procedure is completed, the monitor displays a successful password update notification. As a result, you may log in using the username and password.

Some specific points which to be noted:

  • The client verifies that the authorized mobile device is still operational within that period. If you choose the OTP feature, you can just enter in with the user name and password once the contact timer has expired.
  • You have to enter a new password and username set by you after the time provided to you when OTP is sent to you. Take immediate action when OTP has been sent to your device and fill the empty blocks with these numbers.
  • There are some problems in sending OTP number or there may be a technical, issue from the administration site then you have to click the option resend OTP for again receiving the number if not provided previously. You all must know this option and do not wait for the other option to be done and do not waste your time.
  • The Cancellation System Restore Information link must be sent to both the original email account and the new account number. If the person acknowledges that the new password attempt was not accepted, the user can revoke the transaction in 12 hours by clicking the unsubscribe/ cancel link given. Before terminating the system restore application, PAN and DOB are validated.

How can I locate my self-assessment username and password?

More information may be found at. To complete your federal tax return remotely goes to the taxable facility’s web payroll processing site and enroll ( You must provide all of the necessary data related to your payable tax information in which PAN number, your passport, date of birth, and place of birth, and also an id of PAN will be provided to the webpage information cell.

How can I regain access to my ITR account and password information?

To verify your identity using “NetBankingLogin,” follow these steps: Step 1: On the webpage, press Register Here Now. Step 2: Clicking upon that website if you have forgotten your passcode. Step 3: Type in your Username And password (PAN) and press the On next. Step 4: Just go to the “Registration to the account using NetBanking” option. Click the “Registration to complain via NetBanking” hyperlink. These are simple steps to be followed otherwise for detailed analysis you have to follow all the important steps provided by us on the above pages.

What is the Submission user ID and ITR?

You need to log in to the Corporate Tax Dept’s digital taxation portal (, where you can still computerized input your taxable income. You should give your useable account detail its PAN number and other credentials for that cause. Select the options for username and other password change while the user identity will be PAN.

Which ITR should I use for my earnings?

According to the rough estimation, we can say that the ITR 1 application pays wages, real estate, and other kinds of income (mortgage, royalties, and so forth) up to 5000 Indian rupees but the amount is fluctuated according to the state and country rule and regulation. If you are a taxpayer then you must be familiar with these things.

Do you file a seventh-year taxable income?

The Central Committee on Direct Tax requires everyone to submit an income tax return if their income exceeds the basic tax exemption limit. There are many advantages to filing an annual income tax return on time, even if your income is below the minimum taxable limit.

What exactly is an EVC verification reversion?

The Computerized Confirmation Email (EVC) is a unique identification number elementary particle that will be delivered to a tax return’s specified cellphone number if you place your order digitally. It might aid in the verification of the taxation filer’s identification.  EVC may be generated via the Taxation Department’s performance reward facility.

What is the user id for ITR?

All the data related to income tax details and other details of taxpayers have to be registered online on an official account/ website of the government tax filling portal. This data is necessary for taxpaying agencies. All the things previously discussed like PAN number, your permanent account, and other informative data which will be helpful for a taxpaying agency will be mentioned there on an online portal.

What is an STF transaction?

This is a specific report about financial payments and transactions and people having related work tasks are engaged with these financial managing reports.

How to find out the username and other password options?

This data is also very necessary for accurate information because you have to put the related and accurate information on an online web portal so firstly you have to go for the profile setting option and click on the tab. After doing this you will see a button named username and password so you also have to click on this tab after doing that you can change your username and password according to your will. You have to save this information latterly after doing this by clicking the save tab/ button.


There are many complexities in doing this tax-paying task. But you do not need to worry about this because you can fix this problem online while going to the website or digital portal. These things can easily be managed and you can change your settings. There are many steps for doing this task but firstly you have to go to the setting option on an online portal and then click on the forget password in case if you want to change the password setting and after doing this also click on the continue tab for the further procedure. You can also go to the username and password setting along you can also put your serial number details if you want to change them accordingly. These settings are necessary for the taxpaying agencies and you have to provide an accurate date to these agencies for not to face trouble in the future.


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