Why Liberals Wants Pay More Taxes – The word liberals come from liberalism. The liberals are those people who believe that everyone is equal regardless of their status and race. The liberals are of the view that everyone should have the same treatment with equality.

The reasons why liberals want to pay more taxes:

The truth is that no one wants to pay more taxes just for the sake of it. Everyone desires to obtain anything with the cheapest means possible. The liberals are also human beings like the rest and, it is the same with them. But what they mean by the above mentioned is that they expect to have the same treatment as everyone else is because they are also paying the due taxes like everyone else.

The demand to receive the same quality of lifestyle in exchange for the amount of taxes they are paying. The only reason they say it is because they believe people are treated differently due to their racial and other differences. The rich do not have the same treatment as the poor. Moreover, they feel that; paying taxes today enables them to borrow the taxes from future taxpayers.

In addition to that, the liberals have submitted a conclusion that life becomes much cheaper by paying taxes. It may seem horrendous but, several reasons support this argument. Most people believe that the high taxes mean that their government is inefficient or in, other words, wasteful. In many governments, it may not be wrong to use the term wasteful or inefficient. But in other countries, it is used as an excuse to prevent further question marks.

A country may increase its taxes by 3 percent

For example, a country may increase its taxes by 3 percent and, when inquired by the residents on why the taxes were raised, the governments answer them by saying that the government is not as efficient. In this way, the taxes are an excuse. In some countries, the governments have a reason for raising taxes instead of telling the truth. The truth is revealed to the people as it is for their benefit. It is what the liberals believe in.

For instance, Sweden is a country where taxes are high. It is not a place cheap to live in. However, there are reasons that the taxes in Sweden are so how. The Swedish governments have provided many high-profile support programs to the public that the people in the USA can only dream of having. The generous support program that the Swedish government brings forth includes extensive individual high-end health care and child care.

Moreover, the Swedish government provides several other perks to its high taxpayers such as; high lifetime retirement pension, low-cost education in college where majorly of the collages do not charge any tuition fees, job retaining, sick leave with pay, paternal leave with payment, vocational leaves, facilities for the elderly, housing support and much more.

The UK government provides a free maid to help the mother take care

Similarly, UK is another county where taxes are high. It provides some support programs that the Swedish government delivers. Furthermore, when a single parent or parents have a third child, the UK government provides a free maid to help the mother take care of all the children. Maids and other labor services are relatively expensive in the UK and to have them is beneficial.

The above-provided examples intend to prove that the liberals are willing to pay higher taxes but in return, they demand such services and are not willing to cope with the excuse that the government is inefficient.

Paying taxes is cheaper:

Payment of taxes is cheaper in other ways as well. An example can prove this. It is cheaper to fix a pothole formed on the road than to individually pay for the vehicle repairs for the damage caused by the pothole. Similarly, the liberals have concluded that it is cheaper when more people collectively provide funding to insurances or support programs through taxes than to individually purchase it and pay insurance premiums now and then.

When doing it the other way it is expensive as it is known to cost twice as much per capita. It provides less benefit to the people and more to the private agencies. Therefore, the liberals are willing to pay more taxes but, they want it to be spent on the above-mentioned schemes and programs so that they do not have to worry about paying for high taxes and bear the high costs of private insurances.

They also demand that because they are paying such high taxes. Part of those taxes is for the medical and other services provided by the government. The quality of those services should be equivalent to the taxes they are paying. If the services are not satisfactory, the liberals will have to get another private insurance that increases the costs by three times the original cost of having the services.

The people living in America can afford such a lifestyle

In America, the citizens pay relatively more than other countries like Sweden, Australia, and Europeans for services like health care, child care, college, retirement, and senior care. The reason for this is that the leaders of America insist on keeping the country a low-tax county. Because of this, the costs for all the above mention services like health insurance plans, college, senior care are covered by the citizens individually.

It means that the people pay a higher premium that can be lowered if the costs of such services are dealt with collectively. It means that, although America is known as a low-tax country, it is relatively expensive to live in due to the high costs of insurances and other services. The government of America has done this as it believes that the people living in America can afford such a lifestyle. The government believes that it has provided adequate earning opportunities.

Usually, low-tax countries are those that are developing and have a high poverty ratio. The taxes are low in such countries as there are free facilities like a free college but, the quality of services is low and less beneficial.

Liberals want to pay more taxes for progression:

The liberals are people who desire to progress in every aspect of life. They desire to be better than everyone in everything. Additionally, they demand social programs. They are of the view that a strong government and massive financing can help achieve the goals that they envision.

Therefore, they believe everyone is to pay high taxes for the country so that they can prosper collectively. The policy of socialism is similar to that in European countries and that in Latin America.

Redistribution of wealth:

The liberals feel that the people who have wealth in such large quantities that they do not need, some of it should be taken away from them and redistributed among those who need it more. In this way, they want to achieve fair distribution among the people of the society. In addition to that, they want to persuade and keep the people who are generating income in the society and support them to continue what they are doing.

It is known that such a policy works in governments that impose low taxes on their citizens. When a newly established government decides to raise the taxes, the wealth generated in the country starts to decline. The main reason for this is that wealthy people have to pay the most taxes as they have the most wealth. These wealthy people decide to leave the county and settle in one where taxes are relatively lower. With them, they either sell their income-generating companies or take it with them.

When the sale comes, the company becomes inefficient due to taxes so no money is generated for the country. When they shift the company to another country they take with them the entire source of income.

In America where the was a time when the tax rate was 90 percent, the wealthy people still stayed. The reason being that several loopholes dropped their tax rate to nearly 20 percent. It included several deductions and credits so the rich were paying taxes at a lower marginal tax rate. Today the rich people in America pay taxes at a higher rate than when it was at a rate of 90 percent.

They receive a refund on their income taxes

The reason for this is that following the year 1986, the American government decided that they were removing all the loopholes and deductions in taxation.

Although it is a true statement that the liberals have a firm belief that the taxes should be higher, reports state that majority of the liberals in America do not pay taxes.  Many of such liberals pay zero federal income tax and, about 47% of them pay no income tax following things like deductions and child credits.

At the end of each year, they receive a refund on their income taxes and another refund if they have children living with them. However, there is much rich liberal living in Hollywood and, many of them are wealthy celebrities. Being wealthy and liberals, these celebrities do not mind paying more taxes as they are multimillionaires. They have a firm belief that they should also pay more taxes to achieve their collective goals and make life easier.

It is unfair to have a biased opinion on the low-income liberals because they do not pay taxes. Many non-liberal citizens in America do not pay taxes due to the low-income generation. It is because America has a tax code. According to this thx code, the taxes are levied keeping in mind the incomes of each individual.  Deductions in taxes are made following the amount of income one receives.

The view of conservatives against the liberals:

The conservatives are the group of people opposing the liberals. The views of the conservatives contradict that of the liberals and, they have different beliefs and ambitions. The liberals have a firm belief that your money is their money and they can spend it how they like. It means that a person does not have any say in how he can spend his wealth.

The conservatives on the other hand believe that everyone knows what is best for them and they should spend their money how they like it. The conservatives feel that the government, the churches, the local city, and the state have all the required resources to provide for one’s welfare and needs. The liberals, however, think that the taxes need to be high and the rich should be economically and financially drained. They intend to bring down all the rich to the status of the middle class.

It is what they refer to as equality and fairness. The majority of the low-income liberals do not know about modern economics. They think that high taxes will bring more wealth into the country for them to spend. They have no information of all the disadvantages that high taxes bring in with them. High taxes mean there is less generation of money as all the rich leave the country.

Imposing high taxes reduce economic liberty in a country

It becomes relatively costly to set up a new business or even run an already established business than before. High taxes minimize income generation opportunities. Additionally, imposing high taxes reduce economic liberty in a country. The liberals believe that the high taxes will bring more wealth to those that are wise and will allow the federal government to create safety nets to help the liberals. It is true, to some extent.

The conservatives, on the other hand, think that imposing high taxes will only give more power to the federal government that already has more authority than it requires. It will lead to more debts that will keep on accumulating as it is today and, no one will devise a plan to ever consider returning the debts shortly. It is also true, to some extent. Both the liberals and the conservatives have their somewhat acceptable reasons. However, it also means that both beliefs have disadvantages.

Possible outcomes of rivalry between liberals and conservatives:

There are two possible outcomes of this ongoing rivalry between the liberals and the conservatives. One result is that the country will decide whether it wants to maintain a federal government and create schemes that everyone pays taxes. It will include the 47% of liberals who do not pay taxes in America. The second outcome is to reduce the powers of the federal government and send all the non-article agencies to the state to do all the work.

It seems better to follow the views of the conservatives as it will mean everyone will pay taxes equally. But the federal government is still yet to devise a plan to stop the borrowing of money. That adds to the already accumulated debt of $22 trillion to the American government. If they ever decide to consider repaying the debt. They will suffer as they will lose the support of every liberal politician in the country. The liberal is in abundance and as this plan contradicts their ambitions, they will never support it.

By chance, if there is a new amendment to balance the budget by the congress or any other party. Both the conservatives and the liberals have to give up their beliefs. The conservative will tend towards means to raise the revenue to repay the $22 trillion debt. Whereas the liberals will tend towards objectives to reduce the overall spending of wealth generated by taxes and other means.


Lastly, the liberals have one objective. They say that if there are fewer taxes then there will be less money available to spend on the country. They want higher taxes. to have more money. The taxes, collected will enable the government to provide services likes welfare, elderly care, child care, insurance. Etc. for free or for a lower cost. One can argue that he does not need all those services and should not pay taxes.

He is right but in the future, all these become obligatory. And paying high taxes will mean that he does not have t worry about that entire thing in the future. The liberals try and persuade others to pay more taxes by proving to them. That it is cheaper than purchasing such services privately.

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