Taxes are very important to regulate a countries funds and services. Almost everything you sell or buy have taxes, so the government measures taxes differently depending on what it is. There are hundreds of certified mechanisms used by the government to calculate taxes and impose them on civilians. Each year the rules change, and new calculations are performed. Most of the things are taxed more according to the quantity of it. This means the more you buy, the more taxes you will be charged. However, this does not apply to premium products. Premium products are those products that are very expensive even if you buy only one—things like designer shoes or cars. Cars are the best example to simplify why premium things have more taxation.

Taxation on cars is different in each country; however, it is still a premium product used by civilians. A normal car can have multiple taxes, from governmental taxes for ownership to registration taxes. The taxes do not end there as keeping a car is also not cheap. You need to invest in your car to keep it in top-notch condition. This means there is a high chance your governmental charges will increase. If we take about luxury cars, the whole story will be different. Luxury cars such as Mercedes and classic cars cost more which means the taxation will also be greater than the normal car purchase tax.

About 65% percent of the working-class people have at least one car in their home, while 87% of upper-class people have about two cars in general.  This heavily affects the calculation of the overall vehicle tax.  Since it is complex yet difficult to understand the concept, a lot of people don’t know how their taxes are imposed on them. So if you are also curious about why your country is imposing higher taxes on you as a car owner, then keep scrolling:


Understanding The Taxation On Cars

There are plenty of cars in the market with the variation of value, which is why you would see variations in the taxation values as well. There are different layers of features that can either decrease or increase the taxation amount of cars. One of those driving factors can be the carbon emissions by the vehicle. The other factor is the location. The country plays a vital role in deciding how much tax would be imposed on the civilians. Taking the example of the US, UK and Japan, the taxation is very different. The taxes on a car within the US and UK region is relatively more than in Japan as most of the cars are originally made with Japan hence decreasing the value of taxation.

The car owners are normally asked to pay the Car tax, which is also called the VED. It stands for Vehicle excise duty, and it holds up all the taxes related to vehicles. This also includes the road tax regarding the vehicle as the car owners are normally taxed for the road travels they have done with the car.


Factors Leading To Higher Taxation For Car Owners.

As discussed earlier, there are many factors that lead to higher taxations on cars which is now a big problem for the car owner as cars are getting more and more expensive each year and with the addition of other tax, it gets very to be on a budget especially for the people of the working class. The majority of car owners need to know what taxes are specified for the condition of cars. According to the recent rule book, the condition and mileage of a car are determining agents of taxation amount, so we have listed a few of them to help you reason those high taxations on your car.


Taxation In New Cars

The taxation rule for newly bought cars is very simple as it is determined by the carbon emissions of the car. However, you need to make sure to notify the government with the CO2 emission brands data so they can predict the right amount of tax that you need to pay. the tax in the first year is the lowest due to the fact that it hasn’t participated in carbon emission that much. As the car runs more, the taxation with grow with the emission brands.

Taxation For Only Diesel Cars

Diesel cars are different from normal cars that can work on various fuel options. These cars are really expensive to buy and to run as well. Not to mention due to the hefty price tag, the tax amount is also high. These cars also work on the emission band system. On the other hand, if your vehicle work on the RDE2 emission, the tax will be lessened. Focus on the fact that the more your car runs, and the more will be the tax as road tax is included in it.

After about twelve months, the regional taxation is also added to your DLE as it includes the following taxes :

  1. Service taxes
  2. Travel taxes
  3. Emission taxes
  4. Registration taxes
  5. Legalities

Taxation On Electric Or Zero-Emission Cars


Zero-emission is the vehicle registered under the green concept, which means that they do not need to pay for any emission tax. The best example of zero-emission cars is the electric cars available in the market. However, there still are more charges you will need to pay. As a car owner, you need to pay the buying taxes if and only if your car costs around a five-figure number. In addition to that, you also will have to pay 8℅ of increased tax amount every year, and this will go up until the vehicle is about five years.


Due To Car Tax Brands

As mentioned earlier, the brands decide the amount of tax you need to pay as a car owner, so this means if you are getting a high tax rate, it is probably because your car brands are a lot. Car brands most stand for the following:

  1. Size of the engine of your car
  2. The type of fuel it runs on
  3. Emission of CO2

All these above mention factors are taken into consideration from the moment you have legalized your purchase of the car. Suppose you registered your car in Jan 2020, with in the first year, your carbon emission brands will be noted and charged accordingly. If you use your car daily, it will probably have more CO2 emissions, which will lead to an increase in the taxation amount of your car. This is where the legal insurance notes the car details and provide the amount the owner need to. Once your car is old, the road tax will be more than the emission tax.

On the other hand, if you entirely want to avoid paying the emission tax, you can opt for an electric car; however, the car tax will increase every passing year.


Due To Change In Country Rules

The other main reason why various countries have high taxes on car owners is due to differences in governmental rules. We have collected the differences between the US and UK for you to clearly understand why you are paying so much car tax as a car owner.


Car Brands And Taxation In The US

According to the taxation system of the US regarding the car, you need to pay additional charges for vehicle registration even if you are just renting or leasing a car. The brands are still calculated. However, the mileage and type of car are kept into consideration.

In the US, there is a different kind of set-up regarding the overall payment of taxes on cars. According to the laws and regulations of the state, every car owner needs to pay sales tax which is mostly about 7 to 8 percentage of the overall payment of the car. The US Senate has provided the flexibility of 4.5 percentage on leasing activities of any car. People who have no idea about the general rule of taxation in the US can search in the government portal as well.

According to the US government, the first tax the car owner needs to pay is sales tax, and the other taxes come into the picture. This is why the US government suggests to always pre-check the taxation of vehicles. Within a few areas of the US state, there is about 11 percent of sales tax on diesel cars. The US brands are more expensive and complex than the brands in the UK system.

Car Brands And Taxation In The UK

In the UK, the overall taxation of the vehicle is regarding the registration of the vehicle. The overall tax is imposed according to the MOT validation certificate that the user gets once their yesterday car. The registration fees of cars in the UK is about seven percent of the overall price of the car. Suppose you are standing at a car dealer shop and you have bought a new car according to the taxation scheme. You would have a revenue of 3000 on payments in the UK  as the brands are characterized through the engine size and the card size. The other thing that matters is the health of the engine after the first few years.

In addition to that, the brands focus on the mileage of the car, so if the mileage of the car is a lot, it would mean that you have to pay more on the tax brands as well.


Conditions For Tax Exemptions

Even though the government imposes higher taxes on car owners, there are a few conditions where the government has eliminated or reduced taxes for the comfort of the civilians. So if you fit into the criteria of any tax exemption, you can save up a lot of your money. The exemptions are as follows:

  1. If the owner of the car is physically impaired, they do not need to pay additional taxations, just the registration tax.
  2. If the car is solely used for providing transport to physically impaired passengers, the government does not charge them with car taxes.
  3. Vehicles specially made for sick civilians such as two Wheelers such as notarized wheelchairs etc.
  4. If you own a vintage car that was bought in your family name about forty to fifty years before the current year, no taxes will be charged on you.
  5. No Emission electric cars


To sum up all the above-given information, the high imposition of taxes is valid as there are plenty of additional taxes regarding buying, registering, legalizing and travelling by car. You can’t change or reduce the amount of taxation, but if you fall into the category of exemption, you can enjoy less or no taxation. For car owners who do not fit the exemption scheme, you can reduce your annual tax amount by travelling less mileage.


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